Recommended Pool and Spa Equipment

pool and spa equipmentDo you own a pool or spa in Mercer Island, Washington? Whether your unit is old or brand new, having the correct spa and pool maintenance equipment is important. If you’re unsure what you need, consider purchasing some or all of this important pool and spa equipment. If you need additional assistance, contact a local spa care professional in your area.

Automatic Pool and Spa Cleaners

Not only does regular cleaning require the right spa cleaning products, it also eats up your time. If you’d rather spend your time enjoying the water instead of cleaning it, an automatic cleaner is the perfect addition to your pool and spa equipment list.

Pool and Spa Heaters and Thermometers

Do you plan to use your pool or spa during both summer and winter months? If so, you’ll require a heater and thermometer. This pool and spa equipment will help you maintain the appropriate temperature all year long. Continue Reading →

Reasons for Regular Spa Care and Cleaning

regular spa careAre you the proud owner of a beautiful spa in Medina, Washington? You’re aware of the relaxing benefits of your spa, but do you clean it regularly? Warm environments breed bacteria, it’s important to make regular spa care a priority. Whether you choose to work with a spa services expert or purchase your own spa maintenance products, remember these reasons for regular spa care in Medina.

Lotions and Creams

Many people today use lotions and creams as part of their daily hygiene routine. When they get into a spa, however, many of these products wash off into the water. Regular spa care will help keep the water clean so that these beauty products don’t cause problems in the future.

Germs and Bacteria

Bacteria thrive in warm environments and we naturally add to our colonies throughout the day. Jumping into your spa after a long day is a great relaxation technique, but not many people shower beforehand. A spa professional can recommend spa cleaning products to make spa care simple and easy.  Continue Reading →

Effective Pool Heating Options in Lynnwood

pool heatingPools are the centerpiece of most summertime fun in Lynnwood, Washington. With proper pool heating technologies, you can have your pool open longer, capitalizing on the cooler months both before and after the warm weather hits. With the pool season approaching, now is the time to think about your preferred pool maintenance products and heating solutions. Before you contact a pool and spa services expert, take these effective pool heating options into account.

Solar Blankets

One of the most effective pool heating options available is the solar blanket. They are cut to the size of your pool and use the power of the sun to apply heat, while also preventing evaporation. While they can be time consuming to put on and take off, the pool professionals at Neptune Pool & Spa say they are one of the most cost-efficient solutions available.

Pool Heaters

Using electrical or gas powered pool heaters provides adjustable heat that can be set to a certain temperature. They are reliable pool heating options, but remember to contact a pool maintenance specialist to keep them serviced. Continue Reading →

Benefits of Hiring a Pool and Spa Specialist

pool and spa specialistWhether you’re new to pool and spa maintenance or have dealt with these features for years, you need to answer this question: do you need to hire a pool and spa specialist? On the one hand, the services will cost money. In most cases, however, the benefits of contracting with a pool and spa company far outweigh the expense. To make an educated decision, consider the following benefits of hiring a pool and spa specialist.

Extra Time

Hiring a pool and spa specialist to assist with maintenance and repairs will save you a significant amount of time. Not only will you spend hours on pool and spa cleaning each month, but checking the chemical balance of your water also takes a lot of time too. Before making your final decision, consider what your time is worth. Continue Reading →

Pool Cleaning Tips to Avoid an Extremely Dirty Pool

pool cleaningHave you let the condition of your pool water get out of hand? It happens to even the best pool owners at least once: you’ve been traveling; your kids have been away; or it’s been too cold to host guests, and cleaning the pool simply hasn’t been a priority. Pool and spa cleanings are important, however. A slip up here and there is fine, but prolonged dirtiness can cause a lot of problems, some of which only a pool and spa specialist can address. Once your pool and spa company has cleaned it, though, you’ll want to avoid letting it get so dirty again. Here are several great pool cleaning tips for formerly dirty pools.

Have Equipment Repaired

Sometimes, it may be due to malfunctioning equipment that your water had become so dirty. If this is the case, have your pool equipment repaired before proceeding. Continue Reading →

Weekly Pool Maintenance and Cleaning Tasks

weekly pool maintenanceAre you taking proper care of the pool on your property? If you’re a pool owner, you already know there’s a lot of maintenance and cleaning that you must complete on a regular basis. While it’s easy to hire a pool and spa specialist to come for pool and spa cleanings and repairs, you’ll need to become proficient with certain tasks as well. To ensure the longevity of your investment, here are several very important weekly pool maintenance and cleaning tasks you should complete.


As a pool owner, you should already own a specially designed pool vacuum. Part of your weekly pool maintenance and cleaning routine should definitely include vacuuming. Vacuuming pools and spas is much like vacuuming a carpet. The goal is to suck up unwanted dirt that has sunk to the bottom of your pool.

Inspect Pool Equipment

It’s also important that you take time each week for carefully inspecting all of your pool equipment and supplies. Things to look for during weekly pool maintenance and cleaning include strange noises and any leaking fluid. Continue Reading →

Necessary Pool Equipment and Supplies For Every Pool Owner

necessary pool equipment and suppliesHave you recently installed a pool; are you planning to install one soon? Since proper maintenance is absolutely vital, it should be no surprise to learn that you will need a significant amount of pool equipment and supplies. Luckily, your local pool and spa specialist can help you determine the items best suited for your particular setup. To help better prepare you, however, here are some of the necessary pool equipment and supplies you should plan to purchase from your pool and spa company.

Test Kit

Testing the chemical balance of both pools and spas is one of the most important tasks owners need to become familiar with. In order to maintain the proper chemical make-up, you’ll need a reliable water test kit.

Automatic Pool Cleaner

Cleaning pools isn’t exactly fun and, while you can hire a professional do it for you, it can get expensive fast. One of the best ways to save time and money is to install an automatic pool cleaner. Continue Reading →

What Every Pool Owner Should Know About Pool Cleaning

pool cleaningAre you taking the right steps to keep your pool clean? Proper pool maintenance is absolutely vital. As a pool owner, there are a number of tasks you must do on a regular basis. Hopefully your pool and spa specialist outlined many of these for you when you installed your pool. If not, it would be a good idea to contact a pool and spa company. One of their pool technicians will be able to assess the condition of your pool and offer specific guidance for its care. Luckily, pool care isn’t nearly as difficult as it may seem. Here’s what every pool owner should know about pool cleaning.

You Need the Right Tools

Pools and spas require specific tools to make cleaning easier. Some items include a leaf skimmer, a pool brush, a pool vacuum, a pH tester kit, and various chemicals. If you feel you’re missing anything, contact a local pool equipment and supplies distributor to stock up on the necessities. Continue Reading →

Popular Types of Pool Filtration Systems

pool filtration systemsDo you need a new filter for your pool? Your local pool and spa company will be able to discuss the various pool filtration systems with you. But it’s always a good idea to do a little research on your own as well. There are a number of filters available. One of them will suit your pool, budget, and lifestyle best. Here are some popular filtration systems to discuss with your pool and spa specialist.

Sand Filters

One of the most popular pool filtration systems is the sand filter. Sand filters are popular for pools and spas. They’re made of metal, concrete, or fiberglass; and gravity pulls water through a bed of special-grade sand. Continue Reading →

Advantages of a Pool Chemical Automation System

pool chemical automation systemDo you have a pool in your backyard? If so, you probably already know how vitally important it is to keep your pool chemicals well-balanced. You could do this yourself. Or you could have a professional pool and spa company conduct all the needed maintenance. Either way, there may be an easier solution. You should consider having a pool chemical automation system installed by a pool and spa specialist in your area. Here are several advantages to selecting such a system.

Time-Saving Alternative

If you own a pool and spa, you already know maintenance can be time consuming. The benefit of having a clean pool is worth the investment. But installing a pool chemical automation system can drastically cut down on the time you spend doing maintenance. Continue Reading →