What You Need to Know about Chlorine Purification for Pool Maintenance in Brier

pool maintenance, pool chlorineDo you have a pool on your property in Brier, Washington? Part of proper pool maintenance is ensuring the water is clean. To accomplish this, most people use chlorine. While there are alternatives, chlorine purification is the standard method of sanitizing pool water. This pool and spa care process has several pros and cons you should be aware of regarding its use. Keep the following information in mind as you plan for pool maintenance in Brier.


There are several reasons that professionals prefer using chlorine for pool maintenance.  First, it is the most effective way to sanitize water. Chlorine purification is also cheaper than any other method available. Additionally, the chemical doesn’t damage pool masonry or accessories, which means that you will have fewer and less expensive pool repair needs in the future. Continue Reading →

Common Questions about Chlorine and Swimming Pools in Bothell

swimming pool chlorineDo you currently own, or are you thinking about installing, a swimming pool in Bothell, Washington? As you already know, proper pool and spa care is absolutely essential. This includes a number of elements, but one of the most important is maintaining the right amount of disinfecting agent in the water—usually chlorine. This can seem like a daunting task for new pool owners. Consider the following common questions and answers about chlorine for your swimming pool in Bothell.

Why add chlorine to your swimming pool?

Most pool and spa care professionals recommend using chlorine in swimming pools and spas. This is because chlorine kills harmful microorganisms that can cause health issues, such as swimmers’ ear, athlete’s foot, and skin rashes. Continue Reading →

Pool Maintenance Questions to Ask a Specialist in Snohomish

pool maintenance questions, pool service questionsDo you own a pool in Snohomish, Washington? If so, you probably already know how important proper cleaning and maintenance are. While you’re capable of completing some pool maintenance tasks yourself, other pool and spa care responsibilities should be handled by a professional. Finding a reliable company can be difficult, however. To ensure that you receive the pool maintenance care you need and deserve in Snohomish, always ask the following pool maintenance questions before committing to service.

Is your company insured?

The first question you should ask pool and spa care professionals is if they are insured. Whether you need pool maintenance or pool repair, it’s imperative that the professional has insurance. Without it, you may be liable for any accidents or property damage. Continue Reading →

Pool Maintenance FAQs in Woodinville

pool maintenance, pool maintenance FAQsIf you own a pool in Woodinville, Washington, you already know just how important regular pool maintenance is. That doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t have questions. Pool and spa care is complicated and can be time-consuming. As a pool owner, there are numerous cleaning and repair aspects to keep track of. When problems do arise, you can always count on a Woodinville pool and spa professional to help. Remembering the following pool maintenance FAQs and their answers will also ensure that your pool remains beautiful and functional for years to come.

Why is having a properly balanced pool necessary?

Keeping your water balanced is an important aspect of pool maintenance. Not only is this healthier and safer for swimmers, but it will allow your water to look dazzling. When your pool and spa care professional uses the right materials, you’ll love the way your pool looks and feels.

How can I maximize my pool swimming experience?

There are many pool maintenance tasks that will keep your water clean and beautiful. Ask your pool specialist to regularly clean your filter, as well as recommend additional pool and spa equipment to improve swimming comfort. Continue Reading →

Important Hot Tub Maintenance in Shoreline

hot tub maintenanceDo you own a hot tub in Shoreline, Washington? Proper hot tub maintenance is extremely important. To ensure that your unit remains functional for years to come, you need to perform certain basic tasks. For the most part, your responsibilities as a hot tub owner are minimal. By staying on top of regular required maintenance, you’ll save money and limit your overall need for professional pool and spa care services. We recommend the following hot tub maintenance schedule in mind in Shoreline.

Every Day

A vital component of hot tub maintenance is keeping the water quality high. To do this, you need to check your hot tub’s PH and sanitizer levels every day. This process doesn’t take long at all and you can purchase the required color-coded test strips at your local pool and spa supplier. As long as everything remains balanced, nothing else is necessary. Continue Reading →

Is Your Pool Compliant with ADA Regulations in Seattle?

Pool ADA regulations, ADA regulations, accessible poolDo you own or manage a pool in Seattle, Washington? Did you know that the Department of Justice adopted the regulations designated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that require pools to have accessible means of entry and exit? As of 2013, your pool must have two accessible points for individuals with disabilities. If you have concerns about your pool’s compliance, a pool and spa care professional can help. Before scheduling an appointment for pool service in Seattle, however, take time to read through these common questions.

What exactly is required?

The ADA requires that all new and remodeled facilities are accessible to individuals with disabilities. For pool owners, this means that people with disabilities must have an accessible way to both enter and exit, such as a pool lift. Older facilities must also meet these standards if readily achievable. Continue Reading →

Benefits of Installing a Pool Lift in Mukilteo

Pool & Spa ProductsDo you own a personal pool or manage one for your company in Mukilteo, Washington? If so, have you considered installing a pool lift? Pool lifts have a mechanized seat that can lower individuals into the water as well as lift them out of it. Pool and spa equipment stores usually have both permanent and portable lifts available for sale. There are a number of benefits associated with these units. Consider the following while discussing options with your pool and spa care professional in Mukilteo.


One of the biggest benefits a pool lift offers is accessibility. Individuals who have mobility difficulties may be unable to enter and exit a pool without assistance. A lift will ensure that people of every age and weight can enjoy your pool. Those who are handicapped or have been diagnosed with health conditions, such as cerebral palsy, will be able to enjoy the space as well. Continue Reading →

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Pool Cover in Mountlake Terrace

pool coverAre you thinking about purchasing a pool cover in Mountlake Terrace, Washington? Some pool owners love them, while others find them to be a complete hassle. That’s why it’s important to carefully consider the purchase of new pool and spa equipment before committing. Keep these advantages and disadvantages in mind when you speak with your pool and spa care professional about a pool cover in Mountlake Terrace.


There are many advantages to using a pool cover, including reduced evaporation, less debris in the water, and a lower chance of flow blockages. One of the biggest advantages is that you can increase the water’s temperature without using a heater. Additionally, you’ll use far less chlorine because the sun’s UV light won’t degrade it as quickly. Overall, with a pool cover, the need for regular pool maintenance will decrease significantly.


While there are many great advantages to having a pool cover, some owners dislike them. This is primarily due to the way they look and the hassle associated with covering and uncovering the pool. Pool use is far less spontaneous. Additionally, some pool owners don’t have space for the pool cover roller. Pool covers can be particularly problematic for people with irregularly shaped pools. Continue Reading →

Benefits of a Solar Pool Heater in Mill Creek

solar pool heaterDo you own a pool in Mill Creek, Washington? It’s easy to keep your pool temperate in the summer, but many owners lose swimming time during the winter. A solar pool heater may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Consider these benefits; then contact a pool and spa care professional in Mill Creek for installation details.

More Swimming Time

If you want to extend your swim time, installing a solar pool heater is the perfect solution. One of these units can provide an additional several months of pool use.

Lower Energy Bills

While there are other heating systems available, a solar pool heater will not increase your electric bill. The price to purchase and install one of these heaters will vary, but it will generally pay for itself within a few years.

Less Maintenance Work

The more time you spend on pool and spa maintenance, the less time you get to spend enjoying them. Fortunately, solar pool heaters require little upkeep. You can also expect your heater to remain functional for 15 to 20 years. Continue Reading →

Recommended Pool and Spa Equipment

pool and spa equipmentDo you own a pool or spa in Mercer Island, Washington? Whether your unit is old or brand new, having the correct spa and pool maintenance equipment is important. If you’re unsure what you need, consider purchasing some or all of this important pool and spa equipment. If you need additional assistance, contact a local spa care professional in your area.

Automatic Pool and Spa Cleaners

Not only does regular cleaning require the right spa cleaning products, it also eats up your time. If you’d rather spend your time enjoying the water instead of cleaning it, an automatic cleaner is the perfect addition to your pool and spa equipment list.

Pool and Spa Heaters and Thermometers

Do you plan to use your pool or spa during both summer and winter months? If so, you’ll require a heater and thermometer. This pool and spa equipment will help you maintain the appropriate temperature all year long. Continue Reading →