Stock Up on These Pool Supplies for Summer in Mill Creek

pool supplies mill creekWith summer almost here, it’s important to keep yourself stocked with all the things you need to open up your pool. The last thing you want is to interrupt your summer fun because you have to wait for your supplies to arrive. Knowing what pool supplies you should stock up on can help you be prepared. 

Test Kits

Have plenty of test kits available for your pool all summer long. Testing the chlorine level in your pool is crucial for sanitation. Chlorine kills bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that can cause illness or infection. By regularly testing and maintaining the appropriate chlorine level, you ensure that your pool water remains safe and healthy for swimming. Maintaining proper water chemistry through regular testing can  also save you money. When you maintain balanced water chemistry, you reduce the amount of chemicals you need to add, saving on chemical costs.

Cleaning Equipment

Before you open up your pool for the summer, check all your cleaning equipment. Skimmers, nets and vacuum hoses can all deteriorate over the winter. If you need to replace anything, it’s a good idea to do it before the summer is in full swing. 

Bulk Chemicals

Be sure you have plenty of chemicals on hand for the warmer months. Having bulk chemicals can help you keep everything clean and ensure you won’t run out when you need them the most. 

Need Pool Supplies in Mill Creek? 

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