Common Pool Problems in Kenmore and Their Solutions

pool problems-kenmoreIf you have a pool, you know that problems pop up from time to time. However, some issues are more common than others and it can be helpful to know how to fix them. Knowing some common pool problems and their solutions will help you keep your pool in the best possible shape. 

Cloudy Water

Cloudy water is incredibly common and it can be caused by all kinds of things. However, it’s most commonly caused by bad filtration or broken equipment. Have a professional look at your filters and make sure they’re in good working order. 

Algae Growth

Any kind of growth in your pool should be investigated as soon as possible. Algae can not only cause issues with the structure of your pool but it can also cause sickness and serious health problems, depending on what it is. Most of the time, algae can be removed using a different solution of chemicals, which a professional can advise you on. 

Low Water Level

If you notice low water levels in your pool, it’s important to find the source. Cracks and leaks are very common pool problems and they can cause consistently low levels, which can waste water and damage the pool itself. A pool expert can find the leak and repair it. 

Need Help With Pool Problems in Kenmore? 

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Professional Solutions to Pool Problems in Kenmore

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