What to Know About Winter Pool Preparation in Seattle

Winter-Pool-Preparation-SeattleIf you have a pool, it’s never too early to start thinking about getting it ready for the colder months. A long period of disuse can be hard on your swimming pool, so it’s essential to prepare it so it stays in good condition throughout the winter months. Understanding everything you can about winter pool preparation will help you get it ready. 

Remove All Accessories

Remove all the accessories from the pool before closing it up for the winter season. Things like cleaners, thermometers, and any pool toys should be taken out and stored away. This way, they won’t sit in the water and freeze or get damaged. 

Lower the Water Level

Make sure you lower the water level so that it’s underneath the skimmer and jets. This will keep water out of the pump system so it can stay clean and dry all winter. However, you don’t want it to be so low that the walls and bottom crack in the cold weather. 

Invest in a Good Cover

A good cover is one of the most important parts of winter pool preparation. Covering your pool keeps debris like leaves and twigs out of the water and protects it from the freezing cold air that occurs in the later months. The better quality your cover is, the more protected your pool will be. 

Need Help With Winter Pool Preparation in Seattle? 

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