3 Must-Have Spa Supplies for Your Home in Shoreline

spa supplies shorelineIf you have a spa or hot tub, making sure you have everything you need to maintain it is essential. Having the right supplies on hand will ensure that you can keep your spa in great condition. We’ll share our list of the most important spa supplies you need to keep on hand. 

Water Test Kits

Have water test kits handy so you can keep your water quality where it needs to be. When it comes to keeping a balance of chemicals in your spa or hot tub, being informed will always be your best option. The alkalinity of your water is equally important and should be tested regularly. pH and alkaline levels affect one another, and when not in balance, can cause damage to your hot tub through scale buildup or making your water susceptible to algae growth and bacteria.

Solar Blanket

A solar blanket is one of the best ways to make your spa efficient and reduce the amount of energy it’s using. A quality solar blanket will hold the heat in the spa and ensure you’re not wasting power. With the right blanket, you can save money on your spa and keep it at the right temperature. 

Chlorine or Bromine

Keeping your spa free of bacteria is another top priority. Having extra chlorine or bromine on hand will allow you to make adjustments to the water chemistry whenever necessary. 

Need Spa Supplies in Shoreline?

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High-Quality Spa Supplies in Shoreline

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