Kirkland Pool and Spa: Pros & Cons of Using a Digital Pool Thermometer

digital pool thermometer kirkland

Do you need a new thermometer for your Kirkland pool or spa? If you’re new to pool ownership, you might not know there are several different types of thermometers available. The two most popular options are digital and analog. Here’s what you need to know about the digital pool thermometer.

Basic Information

Digital pool and spa thermometers record water temperature using a submerged sensing probe. Most are wireless, meaning the sensor transmits information to the receiver remotely via Bluetooth or WiFi. 


This type of thermometer is fast, accurate and convenient. These features make them extremely popular. In fact, they’re the most commonly sold option available. They’re easy to set up and you’ll know exactly how cold your pool is from inside your home. And, unlike analog thermometers, you can leave them in the pool when adding pool chemicals.


The only major drawback to using a digital pool thermometer is cost. They’re most expensive than the analog type.

Want to Speak with a Pool and Spa Expert about your Digital Pool Thermometer?

Why risk jumping into a freezing cold pool when you can know what you’re getting into beforehand? For a reliable pool thermometer, contact us at Neptune Pool & Spa in Lynnwood for a professional opinion. We’ve served clients in and around Kirkland for years. Our specialists can provide you with advice and quality products for your unique situation. Residents and business owners alike count on us for a wide variety of pool and spa services. We can also assist you with hot tub maintenance and pool repair needs.

Digital Pool Thermometer Questions: Ask the Pool and Spa Experts Serving Kirkland

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