How to Determine Your Pool’s Health in Bothell

pool's health bothellDo you own a pool in Bothell? If you do, how do you tell whether it’s “healthy?” Swimming in water that’s not properly maintained can be unhealthy. You can identify your pool’s health in Bothell by using your senses.


“Healthy” pools will look clear and blue. You should be able to see the painted stripes on the bottom easily. If the water is murky, contact a pool and spa care professional for assistance.


You can also check a pool’s “health” by touching the tiles and submerged pool and spa equipment. If these items are sticky or slippery, algae or other organisms are probably present. Feel free to touch, but do not taste; always avoid getting pool water in your mouth. Contrary to popular belief, adding chlorine to a pool doesn’t instantly kill germs and bacteria. In fact, it takes several minutes to a few days to kill off all the germs in a pool.


Strong odors are a sign of an “unhealthy” pool. Most pools are cleaned using chlorine, which should eliminate contaminants. Water that smells too strongly of chlorine, however, might need maintenance.

Need to Speak with a Specialist in Bothell About Your Pool’s Health?

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Determining Your Pool’s Health: Pool Specialists in Bothell

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