Important Hot Tub Maintenance in Shoreline

hot tub maintenanceDo you own a hot tub in Shoreline, Washington? Proper hot tub maintenance is extremely important. To ensure that your unit remains functional for years to come, you need to perform certain basic tasks. For the most part, your responsibilities as a hot tub owner are minimal. By staying on top of regular required maintenance, you’ll save money and limit your overall need for professional pool and spa care services. We recommend the following hot tub maintenance schedule in mind in Shoreline.

Every Day

A vital component of hot tub maintenance is keeping the water quality high. To do this, you need to check your hot tub’s PH and sanitizer levels every day. This process doesn’t take long at all and you can purchase the required color-coded test strips at your local pool and spa supplier. As long as everything remains balanced, nothing else is necessary.

Every Week

If you want crystal clear water, your weekly hot tub maintenance needs to include one extra-strong dose of sanitizer. Either chlorine or bromine is acceptable, depending on your personal preference. Your hot tub will also benefit from the use of a foam reducer and/or de-scaling agent once a week.

Every Now and Then

It’s also a good idea to schedule regular inspections with a pool and spa care professional. Having an expert examine your unit and perform any necessary hot tub maintenance can save you significant money in the long run. It’s far easier to address small issues up front than it is to fix huge problems down the road.

Looking for a Hot Tub Maintenance Specialist in Shoreline?

Are you looking for a hot tub maintenance specialist in Shoreline, Washington? Contact Neptune Pool & Spa in Lynnwood today. Our team is experienced with hot tub maintenance, repair and other spa services! You can also count on us for pool and spa equipment.

Hot Tub Maintenance Specialists in Shoreline

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