Pool Cleaning Tips to Avoid an Extremely Dirty Pool

pool cleaningHave you let the condition of your pool water get out of hand? It happens to even the best pool owners at least once: you’ve been traveling; your kids have been away; or it’s been too cold to host guests, and cleaning the pool simply hasn’t been a priority. Pool and spa cleanings are important, however. A slip up here and there is fine, but prolonged dirtiness can cause a lot of problems, some of which only a pool and spa specialist can address. Once your pool and spa company has cleaned it, though, you’ll want to avoid letting it get so dirty again. Here are several great pool cleaning tips for formerly dirty pools.

Have Equipment Repaired

Sometimes, it may be due to malfunctioning equipment that your water had become so dirty. If this is the case, have your pool equipment repaired before proceeding.

Clean Away Bugs and Leaves

As someone who owns a pool or spa, clearing away leaves and bugs with a leaf net won’t be anything new. Doing this will also help clear away any surface algae if you’re careful not to stir the water up too much.

Check Chemicals

You can check your pool chemicals yourself or take a sample to your local pool and spa specialist. They can help you shock your water and/or correct your pH reading.

Run Your Pool Filter

You’ll need to run your pool filter continuously for a couple days. Once you’ve done this, the water should be cleared for the most part.

Interested in Professional Pool Cleaning?

If you would rather a professional perform a pool cleaning, contact Neptune Pool & Spa today. We offer several services, including cleanings and pool and spa repair. Call (206) 900–9153 to schedule an appointment and don’t forget to ask about our 25% discount for new customers!

Professional Pool Cleaning

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